Fergie Wants a Balance Life

Fergie denies rumour that she is in a clash with Black Eyed Peas rapper, Will.i.am.

She says, "Weíre not fighting. Why wouldnít I want to do more albums with the Peas? I love doing shows with them, and I love doing solo shows. Why would you want to give up one if you didnít have to? Plus being with the guys is like having all these big brothers. Itís not so much about me. Itís about unity and group union. I love being part of a team, and I love having an outlet where I can sing something about my personal life that would be too self-indulgent on a group record.Ē

The sexy-singer admits that she wants to take a little break after a long journey with the Peas and needs to find 'the balance' in her life.

ďThereís been no real kind of downtime. Iíd like to have some time to put in a closet. My grandmother just got diagnosed with cancer, so Iíll go and see her. I need to see my dogs and see my man, so itís a balance. My whole life is trying to make a good balance and be the best person and artist I can be.Ē
Source: STL Today