Inspired By The Dodgers, Fergie Wants A Baby

After seven months being Josh Duhamel's wife, Fergie finally talks about having a kid. She told Josh when they were watching Los Angeles Dodgers baseball match.

Yeach, baby is always wonderful. And I am happy Fergie wants it.

But, if it's true, she's gotta be absent from BEP's stages for sometimes. No more dance, belly, sexy moves... Ah, I'm OK, because Fergie is OK with that.

But a curiosity suddenly shakes my mind. Why is it in the baseball game? Is it a kind of surprise for Josh, an accidental thought, or what?

Was Fergie inspired by the Dodgers? The bat? The hits? The balls? Does she want her upcoming kid to be a baseball player?

Help me answer, please...


Source: celebrityandworld